LMD-Tools Special Edition (Delphi 6)

LMD-Tools Special Edition (Delphi 6) 6.1

LMD-Tools Special Edition was completely redesigned in release 8
6.1 (See all)

LMD-Tools Special Edition was completely redesigned in release 8. In previous releases SE packages used a slightly different codebase. For LMD-Tools 8 it was decided to integrate the freeware version into the main product tree (check Package Structure Overview for more info), so in the future new releases will appear at the same time like full version releases.
-The same shared runtime as for the full LMD-Tools or LMD ElPack products with its powerful new features like Vista Controls (especially for Delphi/C Builder user prior to 2007 release), enhanced HTML renderer support, native (unicode enabled) regular expression engine, new XML lib, native PNG support and much more is available for SE user as well.
-You can mix LMD ElPack 6, LMD-Tools 8 (SE), Standalone or LMD IDE-Tools packages freely. They even SHOULD be installed into same installation directory (assuming that all packages are LMD 2007 releases and that compiled versions were released at the same date).
-All features and editors included in shared packages and the LMD Core Controls package are available for LMD-Tools SE user (no restrictions like in previous releases)
-Even support for Labeled controls can be switched on (check About-Box)
-Altogether LMD-Tools SE 8 includes 95 controls labeled controls. Among that are really useful new controls like TLMDHTMLLabel, TLMDPageControl or TLMDTabControl.

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